34th Annual Production Sale
FEBRUARY 14, 2018
   It doesn't get any better than
Ranch Raised Livestock
from Western South Dakota!
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Several lots will be available for viewing online February 1st
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Sale will broadcasted live on
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Sires Represented in the 2018 Sale:​​

HA Cowboy Up 5405
28 Sons Sell

Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36

23 Sons Sell

SUA Confidence 303

24 Sons Sell

Ba​sin Payweight 1682

18 Sons Sell

GMAR Super Duty

11 Sons Sell

JMB Traction 29

8 Sons Sell

DDOT Black Diamond 0C94

9 Sons Sell

Reference Sire​ HA Cowboy Up 5405

Reference Sire  ​Basin Payeweight 1682